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At TNP, we’ve been dedicated to enhancing well-being in workplaces since 2019. Our focus is on providing busy professionals with accessible somatic practices and practical learning sessions. We prioritize sustainability and skill-based interventions, ensuring that adults and youth alike can apply these skills seamlessly to their lives.
Our commitment extends to empowering the next generation through age-appropriate programs. Our K-12 student curriculum is designed to empower youth while teaching essential social and emotional skills. Rooted in evidence backed DBT, polyvagal somatic experiencing, and designed by educators.
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Our K-12 student curriculum supports students’ mental health and reduces disengagement, using mindfulness and Dialectical Behavior Therapy strategies. We also provide emotional disturbance and trauma-informed training for staff to improve teacher-student relationships.
From kindergartners to adults, our programs cater to various age groups, harnessing mindfulness to promote well-being.
In essence, The Namaste Project offers comprehensive mental health support, fostering mindfulness in schools and beyond.
Our work with adults began in schools and we continue to support those who support others.
Percent of children (age 12-17) reported suffering from at least one major depressive episode.


Percent of increase in Children with persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness from 2011 to 2021


Percent of Adults in the U.S. who report having a mental illness in 2023.


Percent of increase in Adults with symptoms of anxiety and depression from 2019 to 2020


We've taken our approach to adult wellness in K-12 schools and applied it to youth and employee wellness with the same positive outcomes.
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