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For those who want to create a more inclusive space for healing and movement. 

Kids Yoga Training

Winter Cohort 

November 30th-December 9th 

Virtual (Live) & Recorded

Learn to teach kids yoga

The Namaste Project’s 20-hour Kids Yoga Certification Program is designed to provide participants with comprehensive training and practical skills to lead engaging and impactful yoga classes for children.

This program emphasizes the use of games, songs, age-appropriate class design, trauma-informed practices, and fostering a sense of community.

Who is this training for?

This training invites you to dive into the world of teaching kids yoga through games, songs, and age-appropriate practices. This training empowers you to co-create inclusive and engaging movement, meditation, and mindfulness experiences for children.

Discover the magic of guiding kids through wellness environments using interactive methods. Learn the art of crafting age-appropriate yoga classes that captivate young minds while ensuring their physical and emotional growth. Moreover, delve into the business side of kids’ yoga, gaining insights into successful teaching and market trends.

By joining our scheduled training sessions or inquiring about personalized training for your youth group or team at info@tnpwellness.net, you’ll equip yourself to confidently lead complete kids’ yoga classes that blend fun, learning, and empowerment.

Provides 20 Yoga Alliance CEU's

The Namaste Project’s 20-hour Kids Yoga Certification Program equips participants with the comprehensive tools to lead impactful and engaging yoga classes for children. Emphasizing games, songs, age-appropriate design, trauma-informed practices, and fostering community, this program empowers yoga instructors, educators, and parents to create enriching yoga experiences for kids.

Key Outcomes:
1. Engaging Activities: Acquire a diverse range of interactive games and playful exercises to captivate children’s interest, enhancing their physical coordination, cognitive development, and social interaction.
2. Musical Enchantment: Explore the magic of music in kids’ yoga classes, mastering catchy songs, chants, and rhymes that introduce yoga concepts, encourage movement, and enhance mindfulness.
3. Tailored Class Design: Gain insights into child development, shaping age-specific yoga classes, and structuring sessions that optimize engagement and learning for preschoolers, elementary children, and preteens.

Immerse yourself in theoretical understanding, experiential learning, and practical application through lectures, discussions, exercises, and teaching practice. Upon completion, you’ll be equipped to lead engaging yoga sessions, foster a trauma-informed and inclusive space, and build a strong sense of belonging among children. Certification requires the completion of a full kids’ yoga class and the submission of an audio recording for instructor approval.


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This training will provide guidance on:

  • How can yoga be used to regulate young peoples nervous system. 
  • Polyvagal theory and application in a kids yoga class and an academic classroom setting. 

Investment: $600 per participant. Mindful Training is a YACEP® CEU provider.


Meet Your Trainer


Danielle Brunson

Danielle Brunson (she/her/ella) is a certified yoga and meditation and mindfulness teacher, specializing in trauma informed practices with thousands of hours of teaching and training facilitation.

She is the owner of The Namaste Project, a mindfulness and meditation company that provides training to adults in public schools, businesses, and community settings.

Danielle teaches yoga and mindfulness centered in accessibility and inclusivity. She speaks, offers workshops, and teaches classes with the goal of helping others to wake up and come out of suffering through self-awareness and a development of equanimity.

Meet Your Trainer


Brianna Whitefield

Brianna Whitfield is an Atlanta-based yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and artist known for her dedication to fostering engagement, curiosity, and emotional well-being. With a journey that began in 2017, she harnessed the power of yoga to conquer anxiety and boost self-assurance in a challenging world. Possessing a 200hr certification complemented by over 300hrs of CEUs, Brianna perpetually embraces the role of a student and enthusiast. Her classes emanate an invitation to laugh, play, and delve into profound self-discovery simultaneously. Guided by a resolute aim, each session nurtures a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment, empowering individuals to establish a profound connection with their inner selves.

What do past students have to say?

  • “Fabulous. Great class!”
  • “Loved the class, need more training like this!”
  • ‘The training was wonderful. Just loved it and am so grateful this sort of teaching is becoming more mainstream.”
  • This is a great training to learn practical techniques you can use to regulate yourself or to teach someone else. Trainers were knowledgeable, engaged, and kind.

The Schedule

November 30th- December 9th

 November 30th

 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Module 1: Introduction and Playful Activities Learn, Discuss, Practice 

December 2nd

12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Module 2: Songs, Chants, and Age-Appropriate Design

Learn, Discuss, Practice, Teach 

December 7th 

 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

 Module 3: Trauma-Informed Practices and Community Building

Learn, Discuss, Practice 

December 9th

 12:00pm-5:00 PM

 Module 4: Teaching Practice and Certification

Learn, Discuss, Practice, Teach 

Upon successful completion of the training program, including the submission and approval of the audio recording, participants will receive their Kids Yoga Certification from The Namaste Project.


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Learn to teach kids yoga

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