The Mindful Educator

Designed and tested by teachers for teachers. 

Are you tired of unreal “selfcare” suggestions that leave you frustrated and behind?

Don’t you think it is time for a change in teacher wellness? 

Studies show teachers are being pushed to the brink of burnout, and experiencing new highs of leaving the profession. 

Does this sound like you?

You feel more reactive when engaging with other people.
More likely to yell or freeze?

You feel burnt out? You’re relying on distractions like TV, food, phones, and intoxicants more.

You feel more unfocused and stressed at work and home. 

You are working overtime and have tried different ways to get motivated again but still haven’t found results.

You're not alone

It's time to take your mental health support into your own hands.


In conjunction with Atlanta Public Schools, Georgia State and Georgia Southwestern University, The Namaste Project developed “The Mindful Educator” for over 1600 randomly selected K-12 educators. This research project identified what helped teachers manage stress and mental health in a realistic way. 



Imagine what your life would be like if you could also have these results...

Teachers who completed the program reported 
  • An overall increase in wellbeing
  • An ability to manage relationships with co-workers, partners, children and others in a better way
  • Reduces rumination and depressive symptoms
  • More memory capacity and ability to sustain attention during a longer period of time
  • Ability to relax your body and mind in a simple and easy manner
  • Ability to focus attention and suppress distracting information
  • A decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression

Your life before the mindful educator

Your life after the mindful educator

available directly to teachers for the first time

The Mindful Educator

Designed and tested by teachers for teachers. 

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

The Mindful Educator for Teachers is a five-week program that encourages intentional mindfulness through a multifaceted accessible approach anchored in meditation, yoga, and education. This course is created for k-12 school staff, administration, and faculty who desire to become more mindful in and out of the classroom.

The Mindful Educator

Module 1

What is Mindfulness?

In this module, teachers will be introduced to mindfulness and meditation and the science behind the impact it has on the brain and body. Learn the why and the what as you are introduced to these practices and their impact on the nervous system. 


Module 2

The power of presence

Presence sounds quite simple, being in the moment and paying attention on purpose, but it takes work. In this module we learn tools and practices to cultivate presence as a way to decrease the impact of stress on the body and come into a regulated state. 

The Mindful Educator

Module 3

Our Storytelling Minds

Our minds tell us stories all day, stories about our interactions with others, stories about work, about family. But thoughts are just thoughts, not facts. Learn how to use mindfulness to bring awareness to thoughts in a way that creates space for real connections and stress release. 

The Mindful Educator

Module 4

Kindness and compassion

Kindness and compassion for others can be easy, but finding compassion for ourselves is another story. Developing a practice of empathy is key to reducing stress, practicing self forgiveness, and showing up in a healthy way for ourselves and others. 

Namaste brand

Module 5

Resilience & Empathy

Resilience isn’t only about enduring the challenges you’ll inevitability face, but having the courage to learn from these challenges and grow as a leader. Being empathetic is about recognizing the feelings of others and how they see the world.


Bonus Materials

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Mindfulness and Meditation- A guide to working with youth

Bonus course to best understand how to provide mindfulness and meditation to the kids in your life. The science of mindfulness, why mediation, mindfulness, and yoga, social emotional learning, behavioral issues and trauma and more! 


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Access to our members only facebook group where you can build community with other “Mindful Educators” to continue to learn and support each other 

Follow up Session

Sometimes we fall behind, we know life happens. 4 weeks after the course is complete we will host another live call to allow you to ask questions about anything or revisit content. 

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Dani Joy

“The program is thoughtfully designed and encourages self awareness of one’s thoughts and feelings as we traverse the stressfulness of COVID while teaching students.
~ Mindful Educator Teacher Participant

Jonathan Brown

“I have enjoyed most learning skills that I can use to self manage anxiety and trauma”

~ Mindful Educator Teacher Participant

Jen Gruher

“I enjoyed every component of the program; the pacing, the recordings (very beneficial when I couldn’t attend live sessions), the wealth of information, the organization, and how things were easy to find. I also enjoy the opportunity to build community with other educators.

~ Mindful Educator Teacher Participant


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Meet Your Trainers

Hello, I'm Danielle


I am an E-RYT 200 hour certified yoga teacher. A meditation and mindfulness instructor certified by UC Berkley’s Greater Good Science Center in conjunction with Sounds True. I am a retired school principal and elementary teacher, a Mom and a cis-gender Latina. 

I am the co-founder of The Namaste Project. We bring mindfulness and meditation to adults in public schools, corporations and communities using evidence based interventions. 

My approach to yoga and mindfulness is centered in accessibility, inclusivity, and being trauma informed. I speak, offer workshops, and teach classes with the goal of helping others to wake up and come out of suffering through self awareness and a development of equanimity. 


Meet Your Trainers

Hello, I'm Kali

Hello and Welcome


I am a 200HR Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, Pilates teacher. and Reiki Master Practitioner in Atlanta. I specialize in bringing mindfulness and stress release through meditation, yoga, and reiki energy healing. 

I began my career in medicine as an orthopedic surgeon, this brings a personal knowledge of the stress that goes into work that requires so much time and energy be given to others. During my time in surgery I realized how powerful yoga, meditation and reiki are and how they can be used by other high stress professions (like education) to find peace and serenity.   

Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts June 22nd and ends July 31st. Two weeks after we have another live call for anyone who may have fallen behind to ask live questions. 

Yes, you have access forever and to any updates!

Our mindfulness program is designed for educators. It’s the first of it’s kind to be delivered in schools where the focus is on teacher wellness, not students. 

You’ll have 7 days to poke around, you can request a refund if you aren’t finding it to meet your needs. 

7 days after the start date. 

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